We Love Getting to Know You


Welcome to MMB Imagery, a photography studio that keeps relationships at the heart of our business. More importantly than photographing relationships, MMB Imagery was built by creating one vibrant relationship after another.

The ability to work with people on a deep level is something that has always come naturally to studio owner, Michelle Massey Barnes. Both a philosopher and a therapist, Michelle holds a Master's Degree from Harvard University that is a unique blend of human development and psychology mixed with the study of cultural and religion. She has counseled at risk adolescent girls, mentored middle school aged children, and worked with families recovering from homelessness.

MMB Imagery is the coming together of relationships, art, and service. It’s our goal to make your experience as meaningful as at the images we capture. We want the experiences we have together to bring together families, inspire confidence, and build stronger communities. Together we can change the world one image at a time. 

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Serving Chelsea, Dexter, Ann Arbor and all of Southeast Michigan. Travel commissions are available. Please contact the studio for photography rates and availability. 734-834-6004